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We discussed the difference between silicon and saline, and what size might suit me best – and the different insertion possibilities.

In the end we opted for the double D’s that would give me a 42 inch bust: a killer rack that would definitely turn heads.

In the first five minutes I experienced something I had never experienced before: I got wet just because everyone was looking at me.

The more I walked around the more my wetness watered a growing horniness.

Little did I know that it was all part of an even bigger journey that Glen had in mind for me…

We arrived in New Rochelle and rented a small apartment until we finally found a house in the college town of New Paltz, and moved about an hour and a half up state.

All of this changed three years ago on Christmas, but I didn’t have the courage to write about it until now – and I didn’t know who to share it with until about a year ago. I didn’t get the usual dress, jewelry, kitchen or business accessory. We were both working, paying the mortgage and saving some money. I married an average guy who was successful in middle management and we lived in an average house in a good neighborhood.My husband knew that the one thing I always wished I had were bigger tits.My nipples were killer, and my tits were perky, but they didn’t turn any heads. The consultation with the surgeon lasted for nearly an hour.

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